Buggy friendly walks Louth -Townley Hall



Location: Townley Hall, Drogheda, Co. Louth

Path:  Short accessible road up to the main entrance to the house (no accesss beyond this point)

Parking: Car park at the entrance

Facilities:   None

Features: Forest – The Glen Wood Nature Trail (1.7km looped, not accessible), viewpoint over the Battle of the Boyne

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We were very eager to explore Townley Hall after reading about the forest trails and grounds there. Although it was very chilly we wrapped up, rocked up and buggy pushed. We followed the road as it seemed the obvious route to take. While it was steep it was sandwiched in between a beautiful forest. However this was a particularly short road as we were stopped in our tracks at a second gate not permitting entry to the actual grounds. You have to make an appointment. We returned to the main entrance and followed the sign for the nature trail which we soon discovered this was neither buggy friendly nor accessible. Although disappointed we did see plenty of families and mountain bikers on their adventures so we’ll return again once our wee ones aren’t so wee.

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