Buggy-friendly walks Dublin – Clontarf Promenade

An easy breezy stroll by the sea


Another favourite of ours is the stunning walk that is Clontarf Promenade on the north side of Dublin.

Features include:

  • Safe walkway with ample space for us wheelies
  • Linear walk (out & back)
  • Outdoor equipment dotted along the route
  • Parking (paid Mon – Fri from 08:00 – 18:00)
  • Beautiful views over Dublin Bay
  • Benches/seating areas overlooking the sea
  • Wide open green space sandwiched between the pathway and cycle lane.

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We usually park at the car park located opposite the shops between Strandville Rd and Hollybrook Rd. From here just follow the path out to the wooden bridge. There are no public toilet facilities available along this route so it’s a good idea to time your visit in between feeding and changing times. However there are a few cafes/bars that are wheel-friendly if you’re in need of pit stop:

  1. The Yacht Bar located on Clontarf Rd
  2. Moloughneys located on Vernon Ave.

There are also a number of shops/garage all located opposite the promenade on Clontarf Road.

Including stopping for a few snaps along the way it took 1 hour to complete this walk at a brisk pace. As you can see from the photos the weather was magical, hard to believe it was the 8th February! The side wall is quite low so keep an eye out for and hold on to your inquisitive smallies. This walk can be extended by heading out to Bull Island via the wooden bridge.



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