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Walk – Day 7 – #bwiactiveoutdoors


What better way to mark Day 7 (walk) of our photo challenge with a guest feature from Laurie of As a parent who shares a love for the outdoors like ourselves, Laurie has written a beautiful and witty piece all about walking. She captured everything that walking means to me and makes some wonderful points how it such a big part of our lives (sometimes without us even realising). Once our little ones take their first steps, it’s such a milestone and one we anticipate with great excitement (hence the above photo is of our little munchkins hand-in-hand).

So please sit back, enjoy and continue reading below all about the joys and wonder of walking. If it resonates with you as much as it did with me you’ll be grabbing those boots/shoes/runners and heading out for a walk with a whole new appreciation for it. A great big thank you to Laurie for sharing with us all.

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January Photo Challenge 

Join Us

The New Year; January; a fresh start; resolutions; a new leaf; whatever this time of year brings, elements of it (including the weather) can be challenging. Personally I’ve fallen off the fit & healthy band wagon for various reasons. While we know it’s the simple things that keep us on track, I’ve derailed.

So what better way to get motivated than to take it day-by-day and literally with this photo challenge. Do you feel the same? Would you like to join me? If so then post a photo using the prompt on Instagram or Facebook with the tag #bwiactiveoutdoors. Whatever it takes to get through the first month! The plan is to get outdoors and get active, it’s certainly a good place to start.

Happy New Year everyone and thank you for all your support over the past year.

Mind yourself, your health and each other.

Aoife xxx

RTE Guide article with Dr Eddie Murphy

A very big thank you to Dr. Eddie Murphy for giving us the opportunity to highlight the importance of looking after Mums and their maternal mental and physical health. Read below… Continue reading