Buggy-friendly parkrun – Bere Island

Bere Island parkrun

Tried and tested by Jess @the_buggy_runners_diary (IG)

Buggy Friendly rating: 9/10

Scenery: 10/10


The stunning course is all on tarmac and starts with a 400m hill, this can be quite hard to start with, especially when pushing the buggy, but it is the hardest part of the run so it’s nice to have it over and done with at the beginning. There is quite a steep hill towards the end near the post office but it is fairly short.

The scenery is just beautiful the whole way around – you can take in the views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Lonehort Viking Harbour and pass the military fort which was built in 1898. It is so hard on such beautiful runs like these to resist the urges to stop many times to keep taking photos, especially on a sunny day. 

Facilties, cafes and playgrounds:

Bere Island parkrun was one of our favourite runs. Getting the ferry and the bus to and from the start was just another adventure for the kids and we used the time to enjoy the chats with some of the locals and other parkrun tourists. They hold the post run coffee and tea in the local cafe where you can enjoy a nice scone and coffee with all the other parkrunners.

We took the ferry from Castletownbere and arrived a little before 9am to get everything sorted – you will need cash for the ferry and bus fare too. There are toilets and dressing rooms at the start/finish of the run. 


If you can get to this part of Ireland that I would absolutely 100% recommend this parkrun. The camaraderie, location and views make this one not to miss! 

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