Buggy-friendly walks Mayo – The Great Western Greenway

Location: The Great Western Greenway, Mayo (Westport – Achill 42km)

Path:  Cycle-way, path-way, accessible, linear

Parking: Located in the towns offering bike rental (see below)

Facilities:  Bike Rental (Achill, Mulranny, Newport and Westport), Look out points

Features: Westport House, Ceide Fields, National Park, Achill Island

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We visited Mulranny in September 2014 staying at the Mulranny Park Hotel  which I couldn’t recommend highly enough for a family holiday.

We went walking on the Western Greenway two of the days of our visit. As follows:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had assumed we would stumble upon coffee shops along the route. There was only one, which was closed so perhaps in retrospect we probably should have researched this beforehand. However we carried on. I won’t lie the last few kilometers were tough but purely because I was not used to such lengthy exercise. Aideen was a star and slept the whole way.

As the Greenway does not continue right up to Achill  the last section of the walk is along the main road. This was a little bit hairy in places especially with the buggy. We either had to walk on the grass or if there was a bit of a verge it wasn’t very wheel-friendly. My weary legs were very thankful to arrive at the Achill Island Hotel. Initially we thought we’d walk back again as we could not take a taxi without a child seat. Thankfully we had our thinking caps on so Diarmaid took a taxi back to the hotel returning to collect Aideen and I in our car. This was a short journey home considering how far we’d walked. A magical family day out, highly recommend it but be prepared – it’s a long walk!

You can discover more buggy-friendly walks in Mayo here.


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