Buggy-friendly walks Sligo – Cleveragh Park

Location: Cleveragh Recreational Park, Cleveragh Sligo

Path: Tarmac, accessible, looped

Parking: Car park and bike rack

Facilities: Purpose-built cycle and walk way, playing pitches, picnic benches, access to Doorly Park

Features: Sligo Sports Complex

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The loop is quite short for anyone looking for a challenging walk, however you can do as many circuits as you require to get those calories burning. The path is super smooth with a small incline. While we were there it seemed that they might be extending the route so will have to return for further inspection. There is also a path that runs along the river out towards the town however it was particularly cold so we were happy with the one loop. Again I hope to explore this on a return visit.

Ben Bulben is the mountain in the background and if you haven’t been to Sligo before it looks quite majestic in any weather. If you ever have the chance to explore it by either climbing it or taking a walk around the loop at the base of it, it’s definitely worth a visit. Unfortunately this path is not wheel-user friendly.

Overall it was great to find another wheel-friendly walk in Sligo. Wheel be back 🙂

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